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Timothy Long

Registered Psychotherapist

Imagine Healing
phone: 303 817 1341
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Therapist Information

Therapist Gender: MaleYears in Practice: 30
Licensure or Registration: Registered PsychotherapistNumber:
State: Fee Range: $125-$149

Client Focus

Mode of Therapy: Individual, Couple, Family, Group
Age Specialty: AllClient Gender: All
Client Sexual Orientation: AllEthnicity: All

Specialty Areas

Anxiety or Fears
Shyness or Social Phobia
Trauma/PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress)
Relationship & Marital Issues
Life Transitions
Personal Growth
Adult Children of Self Absorbed Parents

Treatment Approaches

Body Oriented Psychotherapy
Emotional Freedom Technique
Existential Therapy
Gestalt Therapy
Person Centered Therapy
Transpersonal Therapy

My expertise and personal life experience are with social anxiety, blushing, childhood trauma, and complex PTSD. I have been in practice for over thirty years and clients come to me from around the world. I also specialize in freeing people's self-expression and creativity. Please see a full description of what I have to offer at

I work with teenagers and adults of all ages suffering from anxiety and social anxiety. I work with individuals and couples, resolving all types of relationship, communication, and life issues.

My life's focus and passion is helping people claim their true selves; what will make them most happy and successful in life. I love inspiring and supporting people's individual processes in transforming, empowering and owning their lives. After many years of practice, I find it really is not so difficult or complex to clear the causes of anxiety, depression and trauma.

"Timothy Long is an outstanding therapist for people ready to be free. His approach combines loving support, wisdom and simplicity. With Timothy's help I've been able to permanently clear years of anguish, sadness and fear."

"Perhaps it is one of the great blessings of life to find people who can see us shine when we don't see it ourselves - Timothy certainly did that for me."

"After all the thousands of dollars I've spent on alternative supplements and modifying my diet, it was YOUR counseling sessions that opened me up to healing the real problems in my life."

I offer a complimentary session to meet and decide if I am the right therapist, as well as reduced rates when appropriate.

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