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Chad Bennett, M.A.

Licensed Professional Counselor

phone: (303) 887-1539
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Chad Bennett

Therapist Information

Therapist Gender: MaleYears in Practice: 5
Licensure or Registration: Licensed Professional CounselorNumber:
State: Fee Range: $125-$149

Client Focus

Mode of Therapy: Individual, Group
Age Specialty: AdultClient Gender: All
Client Sexual Orientation: AllEthnicity: All

Specialty Areas

Relationship & Marital Issues
Life Transitions
Work Issues
Anxiety or Fears
Grief or Loss
Personal Growth

Treatment Approaches

Gestalt Therapy
Somatic Experiencing Therapy
Transpersonal Therapy


Zen Men: Awareness, Head, Heart & Guts Meets Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30pm, Boulder. Men! We find ourselves in exciting and challenging times. In virtually all indicators of physical and emotional health we are backsliding in a time when healthy masculine energy is needed the most! In this group we will commit ourselves to "Waking up" by sustaining a silent meditation practice alongside "Growing Up" through leaning on group process and the tools of psychotherapy to integrate our shadows and traumas. In joining this group we commit to cultivating: -A step-by-step mindfulness meditation practice to be explored during and between each session. -Differentiation and integration of the paths of "Waking up" and "Growing up". -Courage to enter a supportive, intimate and challenging group process experience with other men. -Letting go of control and developing a relationship to "Not Knowing" -Maturity with so called "negative emotions" such as anger, shame and grief This group is suitable to all men 25+ who are willing to take responsibility for their own awakening and development! By signing up for this group you commit to the discipline of daily meditation practice as a gift to yourself and the deepening trust & support of others in the group. No experience with meditation in required. A free consultation is required before entering the group. Cost: $45 per session. You may pay for and try your first week before committing fully. Please ask about sliding scale. Becoming a full fledged man means coming into our power with other men. Who else can provide the support and challenge we need? In this group, we explore our Head, Heart and Guts together and develop: an updated philosophy of what it means to be a relevant man; community and connection with other men; solid communication skills while giving/receiving feedback; maturity with emotions such as anger, shame and grief; mindfulness and self awareness; integrity in accountability, honesty, and firm boundaries; finding meaning and purpose with a sense of direction; courage to address our strengths and vulnerabilities.


Chad Bennett

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