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Celeste Labadie, LMFT, L.M.F.T.
The Anxiety Relief Method & PACT Level II Couple Therapist
2769 Iris Ave.
Boulder, CO 80304

phone: 303.882.3301

With an emphasis in brain-based modalities to promote transformational outcomes, Celeste Labadie, LMFT, is a natural guide for clients ready to release chronic stress and overwhelm with quick and lasting results.

By facilitating new integration of inner resources to extinguish painful limiting beliefs, Celeste's clientele report easily releasing outdated programs that have caused reactive thoughts and behaviors.

Celeste provides revolutionary couples counseling with the PACT Level II framework. Mentoring and consultations online and in-person for clinicians in healing and mental health fields are also available.

As the founder of The Anxiety Relief Method, Celeste holds a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Regis University and received further training in Rapid Resolution Therapy, Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapy, NLP.


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Jessica Slatus, L.C.S.W.

954 North Street
Boulder, Colorado 80304

phone: (720) 837-1468

I am a licensed clinical social worker with experience working with adults, adolescents, children, and families. My work is informed by Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, an integrative model of psychotherapy that blends attachment theory, affective neuroscience, somatic approaches and short-term dynamic psychotherapies to heal trauma, awaken your most authentic self, and increase your sense of connection with others.

I specialize in working with individuals with eating disorders and have post-graduate training in this area, but I have years of experience working with clients who are struggling with a variety of different issues, including anxiety, depression, trauma, domestic violence, relational difficulties, and feeling stuck or stymied.

Please contact me to discuss setting up a consultation:


Alicia Leto, M.A.

The Bridge Center for Play Therapy
825 S. Broadway #50
Boulder, CO 80305

phone: 303-499-0844 x703

A Colorado native, Alicia earned her masters degree in counseling at Naropa University. While pursuing her degree, she worked as a preschool teacher. Being simultaneously immersed in the worlds of counseling and childhood development was an immensely fulfilling experience, leading Alicia to pursue Play Therapy, a modality that blends these lifelong interests. Alicia has clinical experience as a therapist at Mount Saint Vincent Home in Denver, a trauma-focused residential facility for children. In her extensive experience working with children and families, play has consistently proven to be an effective and natural method of communication, authentic expression, and healing.


Suzann Panek Robins, M.A.

Inner Visions and Rainbow Resources, LLC
840 Cortez St.
Denver, CO 80221

phone: 303-428-0968

My eclectic approach to understanding relationships uses what is relevant from the whole therapeutic spectrum. My client-centered training includes body psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, and holotrophic breath work. I also work with the biofield and chakra systems.

In addition to being a college professor and exercise instructor on both coasts, I lived in Intentional Communities and wrote Exploring Intimacy: Cultivating Healthy Relationships through Insight and Intuition while traveling abroad.

I have worked with clients for 15 years, and practiced meditation for 30+ years. I am available for private sessions or to speak to your group or organization.


Jaime Rafael Davila, M.A.

Peaceful Way Counseling
627 Kimbark St.
Longmont, CO 80501

phone: 720-340-2799

“I believe in helping people rediscover their life’s passion by teaching them to use compassion, forgiveness, love and humor with themselves and their loved ones.”


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