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Diane Wall, M.A., L.P.C.
7475 W. 5th Ave, Suite 215-B
Lakewood, CO 80226

phone: 303-507-3738

I enjoy working with women struggling with transitional periods in life. I am most passionate about helping women who are ready to leave an abusive relationship.


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Nancy Lasater, L.C.S.W.

Nancy Lasater, LCSW
3393 Iris Ave., Suite 208
Boulder, CO 80301

phone: 303-590-5694

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I am a seasoned therapist with 30 years experience serving children, adults, couples, and families. Goal-oriented and practical, all my clients have written treatment plans and know where they are going in their therapy. I am an EMDR Certified Clinician and am able to work with clients on their deep-seated issues as well as single incidents of trauma.

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Ruth Wharton, L.P.C.

2133 13th St.
Boulder, Colorado 80302

phone: 303-494-1778

Ruth believes that every person has the ability to grow towards health. With the support of a caring and strong therapist, clients are able to find the courage to look into their darkest places and find light. Symbol and metaphor are powerful tools to help move through this journey.

Ruth has found experiential therapies such as play therapy and wilderness therapy to be very effective.

Play Therapy is very effective in helping children ages 3-12 who experience a wide variety of issues.

• Social and Behavioral problems • Anxiety and Fears • Depression and Lack of Self Esteem • Physical and Sexual Abuse • Adoption and Foster Care • Trauma • Divorce or Separations • Transitions • PTSD

Ruth also works with adults and adolescents who struggle with these issues. Sessions can take place in her office or wilderness settings.


Timothy Long

Imagine Healing

phone: 303 817 1341

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My expertise and personal life experience are with social anxiety, blushing, childhood trauma, and complex PTSD. I have been in practice for over thirty years and clients come to me from around the world. I also specialize in freeing people's self-expression and creativity. Please see a full description of what I have to offer at

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Stephanie Bryan, L.C.S.W., C.A.C. III

REAL Parenting
1530 55th Street
Boulder, CO 80303-1256

phone: 303-397-0646

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I have worked in the fields of mental health and addictions for over 25 years. I enjoy helping people with depression, anxiety, and addictions turn their lives around using Cognitive Therapy, EMDR, and Brainspotting.

I empower parents to manage their parenting challenges using Respect, Empathy, Appreciation, and Love (REAL Parenting®). I offer parent coaching and 5 parenting classes: Becoming a Love and Logic Parent®, Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun! Creating Happy Families and Responsible Kids™, REAL Parenting®, Active Parenting for Stepfamilies in 3, and Siblings Without Rivalry. I teach parenting classes fall, winter, spring, and summer. For parenting classes/coaching, see For information on my psychotherapy practice, see

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